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Bar singer singing from her heart

Shirley, a 21-year-old student with a passion for music, is now a part-time singer in a bar.

As a student, Shirley has to strike a balance between studying and singing. Shirley said that singing is like a sweet, making her studying life more cheerful.

Shirley was encouraged and introduced by another musician friend to be a bar singer. When the bar owner heard Shirley’s singing, next minute, Shirley was invited to sing in the bar.

Shirley comes to sing every Friday, for her, it is like a dream come true. Most of her songs are quite soft and slight. Shirley wants others to feel her singing and fall in love with her songs. Everyone comes the bar with tiredness from work, with Shirley’s songs, they will be healed from exhaustion. Some people will feel more emotional and even burst into tears. Shirley feels grateful that her audience can feel connected with her songs.

Shirley treasures friendship deeply as well. She said that she feels loved when a friend comes to support her, at the same time, she also feels nervous. Shirley said that there was one time that her friends came and she totally forgot the song and sang it like a mess.

Shirley also expressed that most of the singers nowadays are focusing on how to improve their singing skills, however, Shirley points out that the most important and most useful way is to really sing out your emotions, really sing with your hearts. Shirley prefers folk music since she believes that folk music is easy to sing and also is an easy way to show emotions.

Shirley loves singing but she expressed that she will never become a professional singer and do it as a living. Singing should be a habit, a passion, not a tool of making money. Shirley thinks if she sings just to make money, she will not be able to really sing from the bottom of her heart.

How to Tweet Like a Journalist

I have used Twitter for about two months. In this period, I study how to use Twitter as a platform to report important event around me and share my opinion on some news. Here is the report of my study.

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Opening Ceremony of HKBU-SOPA Award winners Forum 2015


Oct. 13, 2015, Opening Ceremony of HKBU-SOPA Award Winners Forum was held at Hong Kong Baptist University.

Six outstanding publisher was invited to attend the ceremony and share give lectures in the next three days.

As a student major in financial journalism in HKBU, I’m fortunate to take part in this activity and share the process.

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Significant Change


Everyone will see many significant change in his or her life. The change can be technological, social etc..

His name is Simon Tang. He is 19 years old and study film in Hong Kong Baptist University.

He is Hong Kong people, but he got to know Hing Kong when he was 6. Before 6, he lived in mainland China. So he shared this significant change in his life with us. And also tell us the difference between mainland China and Hong Kong in his eyes.

Photo Story

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His name is Yao Fenglin, Fox Yao. He is 25 years old. He came from mainland to HK to attend University 7 years ago. And now, he is starting business with a friend in Shenzhen.

The process of came to Hong Kong from mainland China than go back give him different experience. But he said, no matter where to stay, the most important thing is achieving his dream and living a colourful life.

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